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Recruitment: Partimer
Recruitment: Partimer

Recruitment: Partimer

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What does this person do?

▪️ Ensure a clean working area, serve the fastest food and drink to customers with a polite, attentive and considerate service attitude to ensure customer satisfaction

▪️ Customer care interest and direct customers to choose the right food and drink to improve service quality and increase revenue

▪️ Implement customer service process and standards

▪️ Create a friendly and polite atmosphere for customers right from the moment the guests step in


▪️ At the age of 18-40

▪️ Prioritize candidates to communicate in English▪️ Good communication skills, problem solving

▪️ Salary: Agreement

▪️ Consider salary increase every 6 months or according to work performance.

▪️ Lunch package & Parking fee

▪️ Collective activities average 2 times / month

▪️ The environment has foreign elements, openness and encouragement of individual capacity development. Young, needy and sociable colleagues.
⚠️⚠️⚠️ If you are still lost, hurry and send the file back to Don:▪️Send CV email:

▪️ Email subject form: [NV Part-time] Full name - Phone number